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Stack usage (CWS-H12-PRO v. 4.5)

Question asked by Sten Siren on Apr 27, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2006 by Sten Siren
Am I missing something, or does not the CW compiler/linker inform you about the stack usage. I am also using a Cosmic compiler for the HC08-family, and it has a very convenient stack usage map in the linker's MAP-file that tells you the total stack needed for all entry points (main() and ISRs), and from that is is easy to define the stack size. I have found the -Ll option in CW and had a look at the generated logfile.txt, but to, from that, manually calculate the total stack usage for a not so small project, would be very difficult.
One way to determine the stack usage would of course be to examine the stack content with the debugger after the application has run for a while, but that is not a very scientific way of doing it and does not guarantee that the worst case was found.
Any ideas, anybody?