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5208 SDR SDRAM MOVEM.L Instruction Whacks Stack, otherwise SDRAM works

Discussion created by Paul Renton on Apr 26, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2008 by GORKA LANDABURU
I have my 'A71' board which has 5208 cpu, SDRAM, Flash, etc.
I have 5208 eval pcb, and all works fine there.
I reconfigured the SDRAm for my pcb, and have a problem
I have two 'A71' boards, and problem is identical on both.
movem issues...
using 32-bit bus SDR SDRAM on 5208 
DRAM is :  MT48LC16M16A2TG-7E  ( using two parts to get 32-bits wide)
I have tried various settings for the SDRAM config, no changes by any setting change.
The memory works to run from (running routines from SDRAM), the stack in SDRAM works,
however, the movem instruction does incorrect things which results in whacking the
stack and crashing things...
The incorrect things which are done are very repeatable, so makes me think it is
a config thing.  I wrote a function which I call while walking through single step
in the debugger to see what it does exactly.  I have a pattern in this memory before
I do this, so I can see if anything is touched by the instruction.
- - - - - - -  - - - - -
First, to see what is going where, I set the registers to:
D3 D3D3D3D3
D4 D4D4D4D4
D5 D5D5D5D5 
D6 D6D6D6D6
D7 D7D7D7D7
A3 A3A3A3A3
A4 A4A4A4A4
A5 A5A5A5A5
A6 A6A6A6A6
and do:
movem.l  d3-d7/a3-a6,64(a7) 
  (this was in the dBug printf compilation, which
   was what was crashing )

when stack ptr at 4001ff1C
results are:
1FF60  A6A6A6A6 000000000 A6A6A6A6 00000000
1FF70  A3A3A3A3 A4A4A4A4 A5A5A5A5 A6A6A6A6
when should be:
1FF60  D4D4D4D4 D5D5D5D5 D6D6D6D6 D7D7D7D7
1FF70  A3A3A3A3 A4A4A4A4 A5A5A5A5 A6A6A6A6
when stack ptr at 40001ff20
registers same values,
results are:
1ff60  D3D3D3D3 A6A6A6A6 00000000 A6A6A6A6
1FF70  00000000 D7D7D7D7 A3A3A3A3 A4A4A4A4
when should be:
1ff60  D3D3D3D3 D4D4D4D4 D5D5D5D5 D6D6D6D6
1FF70  D7D7D7D7 A3A3A3A3 A4A4A4A4 A5A5A5A5 
When stack ptr at 40001ff24
registers same values, 
1ff60  UNCHANGED A5A5A5A5 00000000 A5A5A5A5
1FF70  00000000 D6D6D6D6 D7D7D7D7 A3A3A3A3
1FF80  A4A4A4A4 00000000 00000000 UNCHANGED
when should be:

1ff60  UNCHANGED D3D3D3D3 D4D4D4D4 D5D5D5D5
1FF70  D6D6D6D6 D7D7D7D7 A3A3A3A3 A4A4A4A4
When stack ptr at 40001ff28
registers same values, 
1ff60  UNCHANGED A4A4A4A4 00000000 A4A4A4A4
1FF70  00000000 D5D5D5D5 D6D6D6D6 D7D7D7D7
1FF80  A3A3A3A3 00000000 00000000 A6A6A6A6
when should be:

1FF70  D5D5D5D5 D6D6D6D6 D7D7D7D7 A3A3A3A3

My SDRAM config, in dBug in sysinit.c
values based on recommendations from Freescale by email.
delay before calling a bit.

0xFC0A8110 =0x40000019; at 0x40000000 size is 64 Megs
0xFC0A8114 =0x44000019; at 0x44000000 size is 64 Megs
0xFC0A8008 =0x52211500;
0xFC0A800C =0x98F70000;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080002;
0xFC0A8000 =0x008D0000;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080002;
delay a bit here
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004; do a refresh 8x
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080004;
delay a bit here 
0xFC0A8000 =0x008D0000;
0xFC0A8004 =0xC1080000;
0xFC0A8004 =0x51080000;
delay a bit here
SDRAM now ready to go.
I then run a memory test by putting a pattern in and reading it out (which gives me
my background pattern for the test above, (the memory test always passes).
I have tried slowing things down by changing values in the setup above, but no changes
in the results.
SDRAM is connected as follows:
(r33 is 33 ohm resistor pack very small)

A0  R33 A0
A1  R33 A1
A2  R33 A2
A3  R33 A3
A4  R33 A4
A5  R33 A5
A6  R33 A6
A7  R33 A7
A8  R33 A8
A9  R33 A9
SD_A10  R33 A10
A11  R33 A11
A12  R33 A12
A14  R33 BA0
A15  R33 BA1
SD_CS0  R33 CS
one SDRAM has
D16-D31  R33 DQ0-DQ15
and the other has
D0-D15  R33 DQ0-DQ15
SD_DR_DQS loop to memory and back to SD_DQS2 and SD_DQS3