Debugging Support

Discussion created by gundamned on Feb 13, 2011
Hello all,  i am a trying to understand how to flash a program to the board MCF5225X V2 ColdFire, and also how to debug it. I am using Linux Debian Squeeze, or Windows 7, but with now success. I just attacked the USB cable to the PC, and the other end to the connector PWR/OSBDM (it is a USB mini connector) on the TWR MCF5225X board. Nor in Linux, nor with Windows 7, using both CodeWarrior 10 or CodeWarrior 7 I have been able to flash the board with my simple test program i compiled. Is there any additional hardware I need to use? I have installed correctly the windrv6/_usb modules on Linux, and the Jungo/P&Emicro drivers on Windows, but with not success.  Any help? I would just need some documentation about how to flash the board, or a video where they explain the basic setup to accomplish that.  Greetings,