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License Problem with P&E USB Multilink Programmer

Discussion created by Michael Aeberhard on Apr 24, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2006 by Michael Aeberhard
We have been using the SofTec HCS12X Starter Kit to develop our software, and now we have our own hardware, and need to program the HCS12X on our own Hardware with the P&E USB Multilink.  It works with programs under 1kB, but after 1kB, I get a license error thats as follows:
Feature 'HI407238: HC12 P&E ICD TArget' is running in demo mode!
To get an evaluation license, please send an email to license@metrowerks.com
maximum code size is 1024 bytes
Where can I check in CodeWarrior if everything is installed correctly.  We have the licenses to all of this, but always get this error.  Any suggestions on where to start concerning this error?  There a phone number I can maybe call to talk to someone about the license issue.
The SofTec board programs just fine with larger applications, but the error comes only when trying to program through the P&E.