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Taking questions on Wi-Fi for the Tower System

Discussion created by GainSpan Wi-Fi on Jan 12, 2011
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GainSpan and Freescale recently partnered to launch the Tower System Board based on GainSpan's embedded Wi-Fi module. If you have questions, please feel free to post.




10/8/2012 UPDATE:

We recently released a new Tower card since this post last year:

  1. Our GS1500M now has Wi-Fi Direct certification: GainSpan - Low Power Wi-Fi Modules and Embedded Software
    • Your final product designed with the GS1500M is pre-certified for Wi-Fi Direct as well. This will help you get to market much faster than if you were to do the certification on your own
    • With Limited AP mode, the GS1500M can act as a soft access point connecting several Wi-Fi client devices and supports packet forwarding between these devices
    • The GS1500M is also available for the Tower Systems for evaluation and you can purchase the card here: TWR-WIFI-GS1500M Product Summary Page
  2. More information available on