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9S12A256: exact functional block register location

Discussion created by Michael Butler on Apr 24, 2006
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I carefully composed a question here, and evidently my session timed out. I apologize for my curtness now, but I want to get the question out before I lose fifteen minutes of work and my train of thought. :smileyhappy:

How do I identify exactly where in memory the various functional block control registers are for my development board's 9S12A256? The Device User Guide doesn't seem to say, and the functional block descriptions all use "abstract" addresses. The manufacturer of the development board is, so far, unresponsive.

Say I've got ATD0 registers starting at x0080-009xx.
Where will ATD1 be?

I have similar problems locating the CRG and other more sophisticated timer register locations. Is there likely to be a version number on the chip that will tell me what the map is? Is there some configuration info I can read from a known location to tell me (sort of like the MMC)?

Or, say, is a complete detailed 0000:0200 memory map sitting somewhere in your PDFs and I missed it?

Thanks for your help.