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TWR-K60N512 and TFT

Discussion created by uTasker uTasker on Jan 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by Simona-Marinela Prodea

Hi All


Has anyone used the TWR-K60N512 with the TWR-LCD module (TFT display connected by FlexBus in 16 bit multiplexed mode)?


I spend some time today porting an application for the TFT which works with the Kirin3 M52259 CPU board. Since the MiniFlexBus on the Kirin3 and the FlexBus on the K60 are so similar I didn't expect any big problems but I needed to slow the FlexBus down to the slowest possible speed (about 6MHz with 100MHz system clock) and then add loads of wait states before it finally started working - with access times of less than about 3us it won't run (presumably due to write errors during the initialisation (?)).


When it runs, the images are sort of smudged - the level of such smudging is also wait state dependent. With maximum wait states it gets quite slow to refesh the screen (about 10us writes), whereby it gets better but is not perfect. Less wait states and the effect it worse. I never saw such behavior and the Kirin3 runs at max. FlexBus speed without any waits without such issues.


My feeling is that maybe one FlexBus data line is not connected correctly (floating and so causing random bits which may be influenced by other near-by signals) but it is very difficult to measure signals underneath the display...


Any experience or ideas?