Brian Venus

TWR-K60N512 Development Options with OSJTAG / OSBDM support

Discussion created by Brian Venus on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2011 by Rick Collins

I recently purchased a TWR-K60N512 system, and was curious if other development environments besides IAR work with the system


I've looked through the forums already and found a similar thread here for a different tower MCU, but I need answers to more specific questions for the ARM variants.


First, is the OSJTAG on the TWR-K60N512 the same thing as the OSBDM listed for the MCF51CN tower?


Secondly, who besides IAR supports this interface (Keil, Codesourcery?).  Code Warrior was not considered due to its current release that supports the K60 is a beta.


I understand that IAR's dev environment works, but I am concerned with its current level of support for CMSIS 2.0.  The new CMSIS supports the DSP floating point unit on the chip with specific single precision float instructions.  The main reason for purchasing the system was to evaluate its floating point capabilities, including the use of trigonometric functions such as sin() and cos().  Traditional math.h libraries use double precision, but the CMSIS has a lookup table variant called the following.


I've read that Keil is using CMSIS 2.0, and that both codesourcery and IAR are integrating and testing CMSIS 2.0 currently.  I just need the system that will support these functions and the Tower as soon as possible.


Finally, is there a standalone application for the OSJTAG that will allow you to load a binary onto the tower?  (basically allow any dev environment that supports the Cortex M-4 to load code onto the K60 Tower).