Segment LCD drive

Discussion created by EARL GOODRICH on Dec 7, 2010

I couldn't find an example project using the Kinetis K30/40 segment controller that did any true generalized display support, so I wrote this one.  In my case, I am using the controller on a K40 eval tower with a prototype board having an 8-character alphanumeric display using 14segments each (plus apos & DP) on 4 backplanes (128 segments), for a total of 36 LCD pins.  I had a little trouble working the K40 eval board to get that many available LCD I/O, but with a few mods made it work!  These routines will take an ASCII string or character and do all the translation into a segment pattern, then into particular segments at a character position, including support for primary/secondary 'blinking' messages.  The segment translation is set up to be completely flexible to allow for ANY 'random' least-cost segment assignment, at the expense of handling every segment individually.  Some applications may want to further optimize where a pattern actually exists.


There is also a 'direct icon access' routine where an intelligent-enum type would list the 'special' icons by controller segment/backplane to get passed to this function.


The picture is my prototype after this call: SLCD_Str( "KINETIS", 0, 3);


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