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Discussion created by FA¡bio Belotti Colombo on Nov 24, 2010
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I just got the TWR-SENSOR-PAK and I am having some trouble running the demo. From what I understand the board is capable of being run in a stand-alone configuration and communicate with the FreeMASTER software. I installed the software that came with the board and installed the serial port driver. When I connect the board via a USB cable the power LED turns on as do both LEDs for the OSBDM. The board shows up as a com port (COM3 in my case) and the FreeMASTER demo succesfully connects with the board using the RS232 at 115200 as the demo instructs. However the demo does not recognize any of the sensors connected to the board. I connected the default sensors as instructed in the Quick Start Guide . Only one sensor connected to module C is detected but listed as "unknown[3621]". The value varies a bit but it's always close to [3621]. All other modules have a value of "?". If I touch any of the buttons the board emits a short beep, so I think the sensors are working.

Has anyone had any luck using this demo? Any suggestions on what I might have done wrong?


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