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Problem in Input /Output port

Discussion created by Pallav Aggarwal on Apr 21, 2006
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Sir ,
i am making a lcd display to display ac or dc voltage so for the ac/dc selection i have given an input through a jumper when the jumper is connected it ground the pin(PTB7) and when i open it it is pulled up with 10k resistor.i have used PTB0-5 for lcd (as output) and ptb7 , ptb6 as input the problem is when the jumper is not connected @ pin ptb7 the voltage shuld be 5 v approx but i m getting 2.9 volatge i dont know what is the problem, plz tell me whats the problem nothig is connected on this pin i have not used the internal pull up for this pin but a 10k pull up externally provided.