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mc9s12a128 & e128. Are MCUs supplied with LRAE or monitor in flash?

Discussion created by Bob Seabrook on Apr 19, 2006
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Can anyone quickly tell me whether the mc9s12e128 and the mc9s12a128 chips are supplied by freescale preprogrammed with;-
a) the LRAE (Load ram and execute) bootloader (see AN2546/D), or
b) the Serial Monitor Program (see AN2548/D)

Background info:

My Tech.Arts(T.A) adapt9s12e128 eval board has (b) in it, but that may be programmed by T.A.

The TA Adapt9s12e128 documentation section 3.9 says "Since the 2k serial monitor is included on chip..".

The mc9s12e128(p99 sec10) and mc9s12a128(p88 sec17) Device User Guides say - "It is planned that most devices made after Q1 of 2004 will be shipped with the LRAE " which is option (a) above.

Obviously I should look at a new chips memory, when I get one, but for now it would be a great help if someone could say if a or b above applies.

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