Steve Wash

Trouble Debugging MCF5225X - OSBDM Problem?

Discussion created by Steve Wash on Sep 27, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2011 by Anthony Huereca

My first error is 'Unable to find target task 'task_example_mcf52259_int_flash' in the current workspace


When I say 'YES' to skip the error, I then get:


'Launching task_example_twrmcf52259_Int_flash_debug_OSBDM' has encountered a problem.  Could not set PC to entry point.


My environment is:


Win XP


OSBDM-JM60 Hardware 1.0

OSBDM-JM60 Firmware 1.0   Build: 20   rev 1

OSBDM-JM60 Target CFV234 target

OSBDM-JM60 Type Embedded OSBDM-JM60


USB Driver:

Date: 1/12/2009    Ver:


I have the 52259 board and the serial card plugged in.


To get the OSBDM to build 20, I had to re-flash it using JM60 GUI Installer