Jeffrey Stander

Help connecting to MCF52259 board for debug

Discussion created by Jeffrey Stander on Sep 24, 2010
I'm more of a software guy, so I'm a bit of a newb with some of this stuff. I got the tower kit and currently have the MCF52259 MCU board and the serial board (TWR-SER) connected to the tower. I loaded all the software from the DVD that comes with it and I am trying to go through the labs in MQX 3.4. I know 3.6 is out, but I'm just going through the motions right now.

So I'm having some connectivity problems and I'm not sure what to do. I have the serial board talking through a USB-Serial converter on COM5 and it seems to work ok through Putty. However the only message I get is "SPI INITIALIZATION cmd failed (newline) RSI_ERROR: SPI INterface initialization failed"

Also in the Codewarrior 7.x IDE, when I try to click "Erase" in the Flash Programmer tool, it gives me an "Error: Connect Failed" message.

So I tried to run in debug anyway (just to see what happens) and I get "Coldfire GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't load gdi dll" error.

Any help would be extremely useful. Thanks!