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Codewarrior evaluation edition 66kbytes limit

Discussion created by Alan Lai on Sep 13, 2010

Dear all,


I have the TWR-MCF51CN-KIT on loan from our Australian distributor (and waiting for the delivery of the TWR-MCF51CN-KIT and TWR-MCF51MM). As the loan kit didn't have an installation DVD, I downloaded:


Codewarrior 6.3 evaluation edition:    CW_MCU_V6_3_EVAL.exe (458,013KB)
Processor Expert v.3.09:                CW08_V6_3_PE_V3_09_SP.exe (245,272KB)
MQX v3.6:                                    FSLMQXOS_3_6_0.exe (201,823KB)
I installed all the software and tools in the order suggested in the Quick Start Guide.
When I tried to run some of the demos, I encountered an error due to the "code limit of 65536 bytes" (JPEG attached. Also attached the license.dat file). I had a look on the Freescale forums and found one post indicating that the "SPECIAL edition" is limited to 65536 bytes, but the "EVALUATION edition" should not have a limit for 30 days:
I have checked twice that the Codewarrior that I have downloaded is the "EVAULATION edition" and not the "SPECIAL edition".
I have sent an email to over a week ago, but I guess it is an evaluation licence issue, so it is not a priority for them. I'd like to step through their code to work out how they set up and use the push buttons for the security demo, but I just can't load it in.


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