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TWR-LCD Problems?

Discussion created by Eric Hill on Jul 26, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by Eric Hill

I received my TWR-LCD module several weeks ago (it was the first of my tower system to arrive).  In order to try out some of the demos, I picked up a P&E USB Multilink cable.  Things were going along for a few days when suddenly the debugger in CodeWarrior lost communication.  Now the screen is pure white and the P&E cannot connect to the target.  It appears to be totally unresponsive.  In my years of experience, when the BDM drops out, it usually means the hardware gasped its final breath...


Has anyone else had this problem?  I've tried contacting my Freescale rep to figure out what I should do, but he's not responded to to any of my calls/emails in the last few weeks.  Anyone have any ideas on what I should do?