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Debugging Linux Kernel (2.6.x) using CodeWarrior Development Studio

Discussion created by Florian Boelstler on Apr 18, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2006 by Florian Boelstler
Hi all,

I was wondering whether someone can assist me in debugging a Linux kernel using CodeWarrior IDE.
The board is connected using a CodeWarrior USB TAP.

During normal operation the kernel is booted using U-Boot.
U-Boot, Kernel and initial ramdisk are usually loaded from ROM.
(which does work fine)

I am not quite sure how the debugger, boot loader, kernel and ramdisk fit together.
What is the usual process a developer has to take that all parts are properly setup and are ready for debug (at least kernel).

I took the following steps:
- Loaded vmlinux in CW by drag-and-drop
- Chose USB TAP for debugging interface
- Modified PIC address to reflect 0x01000000
- Modified target settings
- Used some BSP-supplied configuration script that initializes board
- Set entry point
- Hit debug button (board init, vmlinux download followed)

E.g. single stepping through board initialization does not work properly. Sometimes CW completely gets unresponsive and/or crashes.
I feel that I am missing a step, e.g. running U-Boot first and then continue to load kernel in CW.
But how?

U-Boot was configured to allow CW-debugging.

The documentation stops explaining details after the board is supplied with ramdisk, kernel, ... using e.g. TFTP.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.