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problems with MCF51CN128 missing file ?

Discussion created by r1c4rd0 s4nch3z on Jul 6, 2010
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my name is ricardo.

the problem is this

when i open the telnet example

programfiles -> Freescale->FreescaleMQX 3.2->demo->SecurityTelnet->Codewarrior->sectelnet_twrmcf51cn.mcp

and i try to "make" the file i get this error

could not find or load the file fp_coldfire_nodiv.o for target sectelnet_PEBDM release int. flash for project sectelnet_twrmcf51cn.mcp

is the same mistake for debug mode of pebdm

i have install 30 days evaluation of

codewarrior 6.3
Freescale MQX 3.2

where is my mistake?
do i dont have some lib or file?
in case that i cant compile this example is any freertos telnet example