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Hello, friends of HC08!

Many weeks and months I worked with CodeWarrior and HC08, writing little assembler programs. But now I have a break with my old not working PK-HC08QT. Some functions are going, user not. So I will fight, to repair my kit. It isn't a black box, isn’t a dark secret. An engineer has realized the necessary conditions for communication MON08 with PC.

I have no bed cards:

-  I have derived from circuit with continuity checker complete schematic wire diagram of PK-HC08QT.

- I know types of transistors on chip; have replaced two transistors with success.

- I have so many facts about actually behavior of kit during debugging (see below), that is must be possible to make a diagnose of defect and to seek selective.

My handicaps are:

- My knowledge about processes between MON08 of MCU and PC-Port isn’t so good, to make above quick. I must read again Section 9 Monitor ROM (MON) of Data Sheet – MC68HC08QY4/D 9/2002 ! I think, when I understand it, I can repair my kit.

Maybe an insider write to forum, what happens on HC08-Interface during debugging?


Here the actually dates about behavior of kit during debugging:


When I debug, I came to the window: “CPROG08SZ Programmer – Version 2.17  -  [Status Window] with the display:



Attempting soft reset of HC08 device . . .  Success. (RSR=$48)

Initializing. Target has been RESET and is active.


CMD>CM C:\Programme\Freescale\CW V5.0\prog\P&E\908_QT4.08P

Initializing.   /  This dash is rotating.

Program stopped on this point.


When I press “Abort” I have display:

Error loading programming algorithm-load aborted. Error occurred during Flash programming.

CW makes Soft-Reset.

Now I can:

- start the old program, which is on FLASH.

- stop the started program with Halt command

- continue the halted program

- Make software reset of target

- new start the program from first line

- read content of RAM

- write a new program in a new MCU.


But I can not:

                              - set a breakpoint (he was ignored).

                              - make a step (undefined jumps occur)

                              - erase programmed FLASH and write a new program in it.

With best regards