Tower LCD and CN128

Discussion created by Frankie_D on Jun 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by Tom Moulton

Hi All,

I just receive a Graphics LCD module for the Tower system. My intention is to port the MCF51CN128 example over to the MCF52259 module. Once I ran the demo that comes on the LCD module (LCD module have a MCF51JM onboard) to verify that the module works properly I installed the MCF51CN128 tower module and naturally I started with the simplest CN128 demo, MCF51CN_SPI. This worked great. My intention is to use the Flex bus on the MCF52259 so I made the required jumper changes and tried the Flex bus version of the CN128 demo. This is where the issues started.


First the calibration screen is displayed 180 degrees horizontally rotated. That is everything is at the opposite side of the screen that you would expect and backwards. It looks like you are looking through the display from the back. Horizontal orientation reversed and Vertical orientation correct.


So looking through the source for a way to change the orientation I find the there is a function setting for display orientation. Demo uses ORIENT_LANDSCAPE but ORIENT_LANDSCAPE_180 is an option. So I tried that. Now the display is like it has been flipped vertically and you are viewing it from the back. The horizontal orientation is reversed and the vertical orientation is correct.


I assume it has something to do with the Flex bus interface but nothing is obvious. I would like to think that Freescale did not send out demos for this new LCD module that do not work. Has anyone else experienced this or better yet know what's wrong?