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USB License Dongle

Question asked by msulli msulli on Apr 17, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2006 by Alexander Ribero
I just got a USB License dongle for CodeWarior.  But MultiLink that CodeWarrior programs HCS08 BDM also uses USB.  My laptop has one USB, and I want be able to re-program HCS08 using CodeWarrior and USB MultiLink at customer site, by portable license transfer from Desktop computer to Laptop.  Has anyone experience with this?  Can this be accomplished with one USB port on a Laptop ? Do I need some kind of 2 to 1 USB splitter (there is no plug on the back of the USB dongle to plug the USB MultiLink into,... like some parallel port dongles do..) .  Once I get CodeWarrior running, will the computer recheck for the dongle if I pull it out and plug in the USB MultiLink ? ....    Thanks...   Mark