Doug Scott

Using the compiler/linker _without_ the IDE

Discussion created by Doug Scott on Apr 17, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2006 by daniel herve
I want to be able to manage and build my projects without having to use the built in IDE. That is, I would like to just be able to use make(gnu, borland, or other) or perhaps jam.

I personally hate having to deal with a different editor, with different commands, keymaps, shortcuts, et. al., everytime I need to switch platforms. Be it a windows/linux gui app., a PIC project, or a Freescale project. So I just want to be able to use my old trusty vim and ctags and compile from the comand line.

There was some docuemntation on using 3rd party editors with 3.1, but it was highly lacking.