Florin Iucha

Blinking LED0 - Timer1 fires 10x slower than programmed.

Discussion created by Florin Iucha on May 3, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by Eduardo Montanez
I'm trying to blink LED0, as we did in the first lab at ESC San Jose and I'm getting a puzzling outcome: it seems that the Timer1 is firing 10 times slower than I'm setting it to.  I tried with both CodeWarrior 10.0 Beta 3 (on the DVDs/CDs that were handed out with the towers) and with the CodeWarrior 7.2 Special Edition. In both cases I created new projects from scratch, selecting MCF52259CAG80, then adding the BIT1 and Timer1. I configured Timer1 to fire every second. I build, flash and start debugging (or just reset the board) and the LED0 blinks once every 10 seconds. If I change the interrupt delay to 100ms, it fires every second. Keep in mind this is determined by eyeballing the LED without any oscilloscope or logic analyzer.  What is going on here?  Thanks!