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Discussion created by Barry Gordon on Apr 14, 2006
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I'm using the A version of this part because it accepts a crystal from 1 to 8Mhz, whereasa the "non A" accepts a 32KHz crystal.   I'm having a problem where the 8 MHz crystal is not oscillationg (I'm using 20 pF on each leg to ground).   I build 6-boards. the first two I put together (using samples from freescale) work.  The other 4-boards (micros were purchased) only 1 boards is oscillationg.  The other 3, the circuit is not working.  I am not using the phase lock loop.  I also tried a 4 and an 8 Mhz resonator.
I  replaced the micro on one of the boards and still the crystal is not oscillating.  The boards work find if I used an external oscillator.  This should be the simplest part of the total design.  Could the parts be mismarked and I actually received the "Non A" device.
Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.