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Merging projects

Question asked by tfriend tfriend on Apr 13, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2006 by tfriend tfriend
Has anyone done a boot code/application code scenario and managed to set things up so that both get programmed into the target hardware (HC08 family) when the debugger is run (using F5 or similar means)?

My dilemma is this: my boot code and application code are handled as two separate and distinct projects, but both are needed for the target hardware to operate properly.

I have not been able to figure out a way to combine the output of the two projects and program the combined into the target. Right now I am building both projects, combining the s19 files into one s19 file using a text editor, running the debugger using F5, telling it not to program the target hardware, loading the combined s19 file using File->Load, programming that image into the hardware, and then going back to the File->Load menu to load the symbols only from the .abs file of the particular project I am intending to debug.

As you can see, while this does work, it is a rather cumbersome (and error-prone) process. There must be some way to automate this somehow. I have tried inserting the LOAD command into the Startup, Preload, Reset, and Postload command files. The command is apparently parsed properly but the debugger complains that I cannot execute the load command while the debugger is loading . I have been unable to find any other means of automating this process.

Any ideas would be welcomed!