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External memory accessing in XGATE ?

Discussion created by YongJun Chang on Apr 13, 2006
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I have some problems in using XGATE to access external memories.
I designed TFT Lcd control system through MC9S12XDP512 , and external flash memory is connect to CS0 and lcd contoller to CS1.
I hope to transfer image data from external flash memory to lcd controller using
However , trying to access global address in XGATE Code, the system become halt.
// interrupt handler
interrupt void SoftwareTrigger0_Handler(MyDataType* __restrict pData) {
 unsigned long ulAddr;
 for(ulAddr=0;ulAddr<0x1000;ulAddr++) {
 *(word *)(0x180000L + (ulong)(ulAddr<<1)) = 0x0000;

 // Clear Software Trigger.
  *(word *)(0x380+0x18) = 0x0100;
How can I access external memory in XGATE code?

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