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Using BDM Connector, SingleStep Debugger, and M547xEVB Lite Development Kit

Discussion created by ZK Celltest on Apr 12, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2006 by Michael Norman
I am currently using the SingleStep debugger connected to the M547xEVB Lite Development Kit via a BDM connector.

Occasionally, the debugger will display the following message.

.....@: error: There was no DTACK/TEA response for a longword-sized write access at 5:20002000.
.....It is possible that the address is configured for an external DTACK when there isn't any.
.....It is also possible that this is an invalid address,
.....but the bus monitor has not been enabled in FREEZE mode.
.....We tried asserting TEA, but that did not work (TEA not present on BDM connector?)

When the above message appears, the debugger immediately loses communication with the M547xEVB Lite Development Kit.

How can I set up the debugger and/or its script/configuration files to prevent the above message from appearing?