Christian Winter

M68HC912B32 Serial Interrupt Examples

Discussion created by Christian Winter on Apr 12, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2006 by Ed Taylor

Do any of you know of any good serial interrupt examples in assembler? I searched all over google and newsgroups and found some bits and pieces, but no well commented assembler code that simply shows how to set up the HC12's SCI, retrieve data from the serial port, etc.

Essential, all I want to do is ensure that the SCI is set up to interrupt when the line goes from idle to data. Retrieve the data, store it, and continue the rest of my program. Because I am using an EVB board, it is relatively difficult for me to write code that has visual feedback for me to test whether data is received and if the correct data is received. Hence, it would be very benficial to me to have example code so I could rule out that I am doing something wrong code-wise.

Thanks for all and any help,