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Some basic installation questions

Discussion created by Sean Donnelly on Apr 11, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2006 by Marc Paquette
I'm trying to get a new install of CodeTEST 4.3 to link, and running into some problems (below). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Compiler: Solaris gnu 2.2 for PowerPC target running vxWorks RTOS. I'd like to enable software instrumentation since we didn't buy the hardware probe module. My compile works, but during link I get one undefined symbol: ct_port. This leads me to believe I haven't linked in one or more codetest libraries.
I went back to my codetest configuration files, which I had to create from scratch (there were only about 30 choices in the CodeTEST/instrconfig directory, none matching our configuration. I created gnuppc.drvr (based on gnu.drvr but substituting our compiler names) and gnu-ppc-vxworks.ctrc (based on gnu-68k-vxworks.ctrc but switching to gnu2). Is there something else (or a lot) that I need to change in this file to allow it to link? I see that CTLIBS is supposed to point to the CT_HOME directory to include a file from /lib/swic, but I don't see that in my link line for some reason.
Also, anyone know why there are no -swic files in CodeTEST/instrconfig? The manual mentions that I need to use one of these for software instrumentation.
Any specific suggestions, or even a pointer to more appropriate config file examples, will be much appreciated.
Sean Donnelly