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Discussion created by Chris Ross on Jan 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by GainSpan Wi-Fi
Hi,  It would seem that since Microchip have acquired ZeroG Wireless, Freescale has completely dropped support of the TWR-ZGWIFI module. Although it appears digi-key and mouser still have stock.  We have just started the design of a product around the MCF52559 and ZeroG wireless module. While I was fortunate enough to purchase a board and download the enablement patch before it disappeared, I wonder what will happen in the future?  > Will support for the ZeroG Wireless module be removed from MQX in the next release? > Is a future wireless module planned for the tower? If so, what time frame are we expecting?  On another note, is there any more information about the memory and graphical LCD modules? Does anyone know the expected release dates?  Apologies for the barrage of questions, there just seems to be little information available.  Cheers, Chris