Roger Simpson

Serial Cable between PC and Serial Card in Tower

Discussion created by Roger Simpson on Dec 23, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2011 by win fai
I am attempting to get started with the Tower by running Lab Tutorial 1. I am able to build the application OK and load it into the MPU in the tower OK. I set up the hyperterminal in the PC OK. However, I can't establish communication. I believe I have a problem with my Serial Cable.  My cable is as follows:  PC end - female 9 pin D connector (plugs into male connector on PC)  Tower end - male 9 pin D connector (plugs into female connector on serial card in tower)  Wiring between pins at each end of cable: PC Tower 2 3 serial signal PC to Tower 3 2 serial signal Tower to PC 5 5 Ground  Is my crossing of pins 2 and 3 correct? Do I need wiring for other signals such as DTR and DTS?  Is the cable I need available commercially from Radio Shack and/or Digi Key?           pin