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overflow interrupt??

Discussion created by Gautier Olivier on Apr 11, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2006 by Jeff Smith
I use a MC9S12A256B microcontroller with codewarrior.
I use the microcontroller to interface a compactflash card to a Digital analog converter.
My routine turn correctly but I want to timing it.
actually the rythm of the transfert depend of the number of lignes in my program.
I want to regulate it by a software timing.
I want to enter in a interrupt software every 5us, but I don't understand the principe of the overflow timer (I think I must use it to do this regulation).
Can someone help me to do this or guide me to a other solution.
I precise that must using the SCI interface in the same time.
Thanks for your assistance.
Excuse me for spelling mistakes.