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Lowest Power Consumption

Discussion created by Kirit Basu on Apr 10, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2006 by Kirit Basu
I have a GT60 and MC13192 on a module. I've been able to get the micro to get into Stop2 with a 1sec RTI, I'm having trouble getting it to consume close to the power consumption listed in the datasheets.

Here's the setup :
The MCU is set to 2Mhz internal clock.
Radio is reset.
1.024 sec RTI initialized. (10 second wake up times before doing a transmit on the radio)
all i/o pins on all ports set to 0x00.
LVD disabled.
MCU enters Stop2 mode.

According to AN2493 (GT60 Low power modes), while in stop2 with RTI enabled the system should draw close to 890nA.
However with my setup, the board seems to be drawing around .4 mA (fluctuates between .428mA and .438mA) . There are no other components on the board, and I'm guessing even with other quiescent current losses I should get a number closer to whats stated in the datasheet.

Has anyone gotten close to this number with their circuits. Any advice?