Soft Class-C to freescale microprocessors

Discussion created by ENEKO MUGUERZA on Apr 10, 2006
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I have a little problem and I don´t know exactilly if you can help me but I have to try because at this moment I’m lossed.


We’re developing  a new product and in our first discussions with  homologation institutes they have said to us that our software has to be necessary “SOFT- Class C”. This kind of software is very special because demands to the programmer a lot of considerations about the security of microprocessor.


This soft demands me to control CPU registers ( with WALPAT routines for example), Programme counter ,addressing, clock, invariable memory internal or external (cyclic redundancy test->CRC8) , timer , etc.


My question is:

¿Do you have developed any routines or libraries which control some possibles CPUs errors , clock errors or memory errors, etc? Is there any application note with some kind of questions?


Let me know please. I have to develop this project with the micro MC9S08AW16.


Eneko Muguerza

Copreci S.Coop.