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Discussion created by WestfW WestfW on Sep 13, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2010 by Bob Ray
I dunno whether it's better to ask these question here, or in the usual freescale forums. I guess they are not all tower-specific:  1) When I "debug" the security/telnet demo I get assorted worrisome error messages: A) after "debug": "Vppon command file does not exist." "Error: Programmer is not enabled" "Code loading overlap detected in range 0x400 -0x417 B) After "start", I get repeated messages "ILLEGAL_BP" usually followed by "target speed change detected" (with a number that seems to switch back and forth between 49.87MHz and 50.36MHz  2) Are there codewarrior tools for analyzing final image size and RAM usage? I see the sizes of each of the .o files and libraries in the codewarrior project panel, but I haven't seen a final size/usage summary short of changing the linker script to save a map file and examining that manually. I was hoping for some sort of summary of "so much from lw_telnet.o, so much from mqxlib.a" Ideal would be something hierarchical that would eventually drill down to the size of each function (there's enough info IN the map or symbol files for this, I would think.) (I guess I'm a little ashamed to be so mired in my traditional toolset, but... where are "size" and "objdump" ?) Isn't "flash and ram space left" a pretty fundemental question for embedded projects?  Thanks Bill W