Sebastien Marty

Problem with SMAC 4.1

Discussion created by Sebastien Marty on Apr 7, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2006 by Alexander Ribero
Hello I currently work on a MC9S08GT60 and with SMAC 4.1 to communicate with zigbee. To develop, I use codewarrior Special Edition. I have a problem when I want to send a packet. In MCPSDataRequest(), gu8RTxMode is set to TX_MODE. After there is a loop : while (gu8RTxMode != IDLE_MODE) In my program, the loop don't stop. I want to know how gu8RTxMode can be set to IDLE_MODE alone. The problem may comes from the librairie : I'm using SMAC_13192evb_4_1a.lib which correspond to my zigbee's module (mc13192). Can you help me if you have an idea. Thank