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TWR-MCF51CN-KIT I/O Question

Discussion created by Joey Johnson on Sep 4, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2009 by JimD JimD
My name is Joseph Johnson and I am a student at the University of Southern Mississippi. My question today is regarding the documentation for the TWR-MCF51CN-KIT for the analog inputs and digital inputs and outputs. Could you direct me to the appropriate manuals online because I couldn't find connectors anywhere? I need to be able to connect and program an analog or digital temperature sensor. Also, i was looking at the MCF52252DEMOKIT, this seems to have the necessary I/O ports and also web sever capabilities for my project. My board bascially needs to be able to read temp from an analog or ditigal temperature sensor and be able to communicate with other pc's remotely via ethernet.