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Debugging External built  ELF Files question

Discussion created by Jiandong Li on Apr 6, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2006 by Teo

Codewarrior For powerpc V8.5 for debugging  mpc8540 bootrom.elf  built by diab5.0 in tornodo IDE,  the  tornodo version is 2.2.1. 

When following the instrument in "Debugging External ELF Files" in the chaper 6 of the Targeting_Embedded_Powerpc.pdf ,  it's seem not work, but I think the elf files is a common standard for debugging files.

My question is,  if can  the codewarrior  for powerpc debugger import external built elf files for debugging?how to do it ? giving  some examples is appreciated.