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CodeWarrio 5.0's License for OpenSourceBDM

Question asked by lemontic lemon on Apr 5, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2006 by lemontic lemon
  OpenSourceBDM for S08 is a outstanding work for any freescale's fans.:smileyhappy:
  Recently, I have finished a OSBDM pcb board. And I have installed CodeWarrio 5.0 SE gotten from Then, I have a MC9S08GT60's board. I want to debug the MC9S08GT60 using OSBDM under the CodeWarrio 5.0.
  You know, CodeWarrio 5.0 SE's License is 16KBytes limited. So I can compile some little program, for example, it's 3KBytes or 10Bytes. It's no problem.
  And, I can read/erase Flash of MC9S08GT60 using OSBDM in Hiwave.
   But, when I Load *.s19 file into the Flash, the Hiwave will give me a error information, like:"is running in demo mode! ... maximum FLASH download size is 1024 bytes. FLASH writing aborted.":smileysad:
  So, I know the problem is the CodeWarrio's License.
  But, the CodeWarrio 5.0 SE' License's code limited is 16K Bytes. Why, OSBDM's download code is limited to 1K Bytes?
  Who can give me help? Did anyone else happen this problem?
  Thank you very much!:smileyhappy::smileyhappy:

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