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programming Serial Monitor into HCS08GB60 using USB Multilink

Discussion created by Aaron Greer on Apr 5, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2006 by Aaron Greer
I did something wrong and now the serial monitor is erased from the Flash ROM in my GB60 Demo board. I borrowed a USB Multilink cable from a friend in an attempt to re-program the serial monitor into the flash on my board. I can't figure out how to properly program the serial monitor code.
So far, here is what I've done:

Open the serial monitor project in codewarrior (AN2140).
Physically connect PC to the board with the Multilink.
Begin a debugging session in Codewarrior.
On the debug window, I get a box asking me if I want to program the flash, and I click yes.
Then, some commands scroll by and it stops after saying "CRC-5 failed at 0xFC00".
This seems significant because I thought the serial monitor code was supposed to begin at this location.

Is there some procedure I must follow to unlock the upper part of flash, then re-program, then re-lock?
I have found using the multilink much more complicated than using the serial monitor. (And much more complicated than other tools I've used, such as TI-FET.)

If anyone has some advice, please post it here.