Gordon Finlay

Script/wizard to convert exported .mcp.xml Project to makefile?

Discussion created by Gordon Finlay on Apr 4, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2008 by Alex O'Donnell
Has anyone ever created the opposite of the Makefile Importer Wizard which exists in some versions of Codewarrior? I'd like to create a makefile from a Codewarrior .mcp project so that I can do building of 9S12 code using Codewarrior's compilers/linkers (via the command line interface) from a make invoked from the Eclipse IDE. 
I was thinking of using File/Export Project... (using CW for HCS12) to create a .mcp.xml file, and then using a Python script to create either a Maker makefile (Maker is part of the CW Build tools) or else a GNU-style makefile.
Perhaps I am missing something, but since the Maker build tool is provided with Codewarrior, I thought that Freescale/Metrowerks would provide an automatic way to create a Maker-compatible makefile from a .mcp file. 
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.