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Anyone interested in using or making easy-to-use libraries for running without an RTOS?

Discussion created by ryanplusplus ryanplusplus on Aug 2, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2009 by Ricaro Ortega MagaA±a
I like to run bare metal so I'm working on putting together some libraries to make things a little easier. What I have running in at least some capacity are basic I/O, PWM (servo control), PWM (motor control) and serial comms. In the near future I hope to have A/D conversion working as well so that I can take input from the accelerometer and the potentiometer.  Right now all of this is dependent upon the board running at 50.33 MHz and the bus clock running at half of that. For simplicity I will most likely leave it like that for now, but as I learn more there is the potential for making it flexible either through some sort of configuration (#defines?) or by having my libraries read as much from the configuration registers as possible.  In addition, a lot of my code is not very flexible about what pins are assigned to each peripheral. This makes my code easier to use and it makes it easier for me to program, but limits its functionality to some extent.  Ultimately, I want to provide everything required for an easy-to-use platform like the Arduino or Handy Board, but still provide a lot of the power of the Tower System. This will also probably be paired with a hardware solution (a custom module) that exposes I/O, motor/servo control hardware, etc.  So is this something that would be useful to anyone? Is anyone interested in helping to develop libraries?  Furthermore, how important is it to remain flexible? Should I just focus on ease-of-use or try to provide more configurability?