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Serial I/O

Discussion created by ryanplusplus ryanplusplus on Jul 3, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2011 by Yagnesh Mehta
I'm trying to do serial I/O using the RS-232 interface on the serial board. If I'm not mistaken, this uses SCI1 and so I've set SCGC1_SCI1 to enable the bus clock for SCI1, set no parity, no loopback, 8 bits, etc. in SCI1Cx, I've set the baud rate divisor in SCI1BDH and SCI1BDL and then tried to send a byte over serial by putting a char into SCI1D. So far I've been unable to receive anything in Hyperterminal and I'm not sure whether I've improperly set the baud divisor or if I'm missing something else.  My best guess is that I haven't set the baud rate correctly. What is the SCI clock frequency? I believe I read in the documentation that it is the same as the core clock and my understanding is that the part is clocked at 50.33 MHz. Is this correct?  Any help would be appreciated.