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Problems programming the 68HC705B16N

Discussion created by David Luiz on Mar 31, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2006 by marco gubbiotti

Hello All,

Newcomer here needing help with 68HC705B16N. I am reviving an electric van made by Chrysler in the early 90s. Long story short: motor speed and regenerative braking is managed by a HC05 controller. Unit has 68HC705B16 socketed and program appears to be functioning properly but one of the IO pins is stuck at 1.6V. There's no source code available that I could find but I was able to build a programmer board and read out the eprom contents. Now I'm trying to use the PRO7B16N.EXE that I down loaded from freescale to program the new replacement 68HC705B16N. I have manually prepared an S-record file for programming the part. The pro7B16.exe communicates with the target part and I can read back various memory locatons. However, when I try to write to eprom, the s-record file name that I enter will not be read. The error message returned is:
"Cannot open file" . I've tried all the obvious stuff like using full path names to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. I'm so close to getting this vehicle back on the road. Any ideas?