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Discussion created by johnmc on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by Ravel Ravel
So I'm starting to tinker with my Tower. I have the demo's working and are pretty cool. I've skimmed through the MQX documentation, but still could use some help getting going with a project of my own.  I created a new MQX stationary (I'm going to call it Simple_XYZ) with the goal of reproducing the accelerometer tilt to LED lighting demo used in the security system demo (hopefully, without cheating by referring to the demo too much).  So my first task...initialize the I/O.. I garner from looking at the demo that this information comes from the BSP (Board Support Package). Is there a listing of the functions for the BSP? How do I find the syntax and options that are available? Opening the bsp.h in notepad looks like just a bunch of other header defines..which I can't locate.  Feel free to point me to specific parts of the documentation...I'm not much of a 117 page cover-to-cover reference manual reader.