Sai Chun TANG

Switch from CASM08Z to CodeWarrior

Discussion created by Sai Chun TANG on Mar 29, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2006 by David Payne
I am switching from CASM08Z to CodeWarrior. I made assembly programs using P&E WINIDE (CASM08Z, PROG08SZ) before. It generates S19 file and I use the PROG08SZ to program to HC908GT8 through P&E Cyclone Pro.
Now, I want to use the CodeWarrior (the user interface seems nicer) to program the MCU. But I cannot find how to generate S19 file and how to program the MCU.
Is there anyone who can give me a hint how to get start as I spent a few days on that?