Suresh K

Sample for using DEMO9S12NE64 1/0 operation using serial and network please help

Discussion created by Suresh K on Mar 28, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2006 by Alexander Ribero
hi all,
I am new to this DEMO9S12NE64 controller and the code warrior. I need a Very simple Application to Start with where i can controll the I/O of the controller. I will start with toggleing.
In my application that need to build i need to control about 10 i/o and keep collecting the data from 4 analog and controll the output for the 3 analog. I reason i got the Etherenet built i need to build for serial and ethernet support.  and the applicaiton should be designed in to communicate with the new device.
i am just doing a prototype for this
I would appricate if some one can help me where to start with with this tool.
and help in giving me some sample Application created on with this controller.
Feel free to mail me at
Thanking you in advance.