Richard Serge

Can't Use the Internal Ref OSC in STOP Mode (QG8)?

Discussion created by Richard Serge on Mar 28, 2006
In the 9(S)08QG8, I see where I can keep the Internal Reference Oscillator running when in STOP mode. As I read this I was thinking, "good, I can use that for my RTI timebase when in STOP mode". Then I see that the RTI can only use an EXTERNAL clock or the 1KHz internal oscillator (with an accuracy that I cannot find in the datasheet). Why is there an option to keep the Internal Ref Osc running in STOP3 if it cannot be used as the RTI timebase? Furthermore, I can't see that it's used anywhere in STOP mode. Is it to be left running just to keep the engine warm?

My objective is to have an RTI with fairly good accuracy, and no crystal. (And pulling only a few microamps.) Any suggestions would be appreciated.