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Inconsistent global variables!

Discussion created by Peter Lundgren on Mar 28, 2006
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Building a product based on the HCS12NE64, and have problems with a very strange behaviour in the compiler. I have some global variables and an assignment of these. The upper screenshot show how it looks without assignment. This works fine.

In the lower screenshot I have uncommented the assignment. Here the assignment SHOULD occurr AFTER the call to the "MENU_GotoNode" method. When the execution reaches the top of the "MENU_GotoSuccessNode" the assignment has allready occurred!!! This messes up the parameter I use in the "MENU_GotoNode" call.

In the pictures attached I also show the "MENU_GotoFailNode" method. It is not enough to comment out the assignments in one method, I have to do it in BOTH!!! Even though the "MENU_GotoFailNode" is never used!!!

What is causing this? I have a similar problem in the Processor expert bean for  the I2C-bus!

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