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Special Edition Code Warrior usefulness?

Discussion created by Stephen Karlsgodt on Mar 26, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2006 by Jeff Smith
Hello everyone,
I'm about to embark on an Ethernet based project where I'm going to build a prototype/proof-of-concept using a MC9S12NE64. I've done some research, and it seems that it will suit my needs nicely. I also like it becuase of the upgrade path to the MCF5208... (I hope I'm not going to be biting off more than I can chew :smileyhappy: )
My question is sort of vague, but here it is, I know that the EVB9S12NE64 eval board (which I plan to use) comes with the 'Special Edition' off Code Warrior. I'm wondering how much 'real' development can be accomplished in this reduced capability environment. I don't expect my code to be terribly complex (famous last words, right?) but I don't want to run into limits of the tools (for a garage tinkerer like me, the full version of CW is extremely expensive!). At this point my app will basically be taking in a data stream from the Ethernet interface, buffering it in External RAM, doing some reformatting and minor processing, and pumping it out a serial link. I also plan to use an LCD for a user interface.
Can someone with experience with the Special Edition software give me some words of wisdom? Is that edition just an introduction to the tools to give you an idea what they can do, or can you develop a decent application with it? What other software can be used instead of CW SE if it proves inadequate?
At this point in time, I haven't purchased anything yet, I'm just trying to see how deep this pond is before I dive in. :smileyhappy: